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Do you really know reptiles?

Snakes are cold-blooded animals?

Yes and no -> They are Poïkilothermes and Ectothermes. This means that a reptile in a room at 20 degrees is at 20 degrees, in a room at 30 degrees, it is at 30 degrees. Its body temperature depends on the environment where it is located. It does not burn calories to have an internal temperature like us, so we can say animal "cold blood" even if in summer its temperature may be higher than ours.

Snakes are deaf


No -> Even if they do not have "external" ears. They have an inner ear that allows them to perceive low frequencies. The vibrations can be seen by the ventral scales and the skin of the mouth lying on the ground. Hearing is not the main meaning of snakes. The most sensitive of the senses in the snake is the sense of smell. With its tongue, the snake takes molecules from the air and sends them into Jacobson's organ (located on the top of the puck), where a very thorough analysis will make it possible to know everything about its environment: temperature, hygrometry, PH, particles fragrant ...

Snakes "moult" to grow?


No -> They "mutate" to be "clean". Do not burn calories to have an internal temperature, they have the need to have a very clean skin, in order to obtain a preferential temperature from the outside environment. Each scale is a bit like a solar panel. Imagine a dirty or worn solar panel, it would work less well. In addition, following the wear of the scales and other factors the snake can make more moults. In general, a snake moults once a month to see every other month.

Snakes lengthen along their prey to "watch if it fits"


" "No -> Several times a year, some of you come to ask us this question:" I have a friend who has a boa at home, one day the snake came out of her terra and the next day she went found in bed with the snake lying along his body. Not understanding, she went to see a veterinarian who told him: "he measures you to know if you get into his belly, you have to kill him or give it" Er, nannnn it's not that !!! Know already that there are very good vets, especially very good for Reptiles. But back to our history, a boa is not a snake who lives at 20 ° in an apartment, in his "terra", it has vital temperatures for him, coming out of this environment, he is cold and looking for a little heat. What is the best radiator in a house if not the human body? In fact we release about 37 ° C, so the snake sticks along the body to "HEAT"

Snakes eat every day

No -> Especially not, we eat 3 to 4 times a day because we need these calories to maintain the 37 ° C of our body. But actually on our diet, a small part allows us to move to reflect and live. A snake uses 95% of his diet to move, live and "think". In addition the preys are eaten whole (without waste), everything will be digested (bones, teeth, claws) plus the activity of the snake manages its consumption. A snake that moves more, consumes more and will have to eat more. It is important not to give "too much" and "too big". Obesity in a reptile is a danger, giving too much risk of rendering the animal sterile and aging prematurely.