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Reptiland, his story ..

From the passion of life to the duty to protect biodiversity


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YES but ........ This passion originated from "the fear of snakes"


Well before the birth of Reptiland, Mr. François Gouygou (my father and founder of Reptiland) was phobic.

Not understanding the fear of seeing a snake, he wanted to understand this "fear". After a long period of observations and disturbing discoveries. He found such passion for these animals that he made our house a place of passion. (Library and under-stairs re-visited in terrariums, aquariums for turtles ...) Many years later, he wanted to share this knowledge of "REPTILES" under another vision and with my mother, they created REPTILAND in 1990.



In a few years, the collection has become the largest in France, with only non-venomous species (turtles, lizards, snakes and crocodiles). Then with the arrival of poisonous snakes (cobras, vipers and rattlesnakes) and other species, in the mid-90s it became a unique exhibition of Europe presented in daylight.

Our greatest achievement is to present very calm animals thanks to the desensitization: "Our animals are not afraid, they are desensitized ... Do not believe that they are drugged or anesthetized ... For us, they are companions and ambassadors of the world of reptiles.When animals are stressed or hidden, there is no communication with visitors who remain on the prejudices that they have been inculcated in. So that the public is not a source For fear of animals, we have transformed its image into a virtual image.In the traditional vivarium, care is given "public side." In REPTILAND, the animal is taught that the window "public side" does not open Everything is done by the inside of the greenhouse, and gradually the image of the audience appears to him as something distracting but which will never be able to intervene "actively" in his life.

François Gouygou


Everything could have continued like this, but in the morning of January 27, 2011, a short circuit on the generator causes a fire that spreads on the building



During this tragic event, two parts of the building were destroyed: one of the presentation greenhouses and the laboratory / nursery, 96 animals perished.

The installations (for security purposes) even on fire, did not allow the animals to escape.


A choice had to be taken following this catastrophe:

* stop and give the animals to other authorized zoos

* rebuild and continue to discover reptiles.

antoine gouygou

"My dad called me and asked me to rebuild and then take Reptiland with his help, knowing most of these reptiles that I had seen grow, I could not give them up."

Antoine Gouygou


Despite the pain and sadness, Reptiland was rebuilt with the help of skilled craftsmen in record time.

On July 1, 2011, Reptiland could once again open its doors to always discover "another vision" the world of Reptiles.


Since 2011, the park is in continuous improvement:


* For a better quality of life of the animals, air conditionings were installed in each greenhouse, but also foggers, automatic vaporizers, pumps, automatic regulation of the lighting ... thus our animals are here in a complex of very high level.


* For the comfort of visitors, several air conditioners and fans have been added, allowing us to be the only air-conditioned vivarium.

Whether it is hot or cold, rain, snow or sale, you can enjoy a visit in the best conditions.


* Many spaces have been added, allowing to discover many species, Reptiland presents nearly 250 animals, more than a hundred species.


* An exceptional quality of visit: from the welcome to the visit, the food (throughout the day), the availability of the healers to answer the questions, but also by demonstrations with pedagogy and sensitization on the respect of biodiversity.


* Changes every 6 months, new spaces revisited, new species to rediscover the world of reptiles.


* Preservation and conservation actions: Reptiland is part of the AFdPZ, we participate in many programs for the conservation of endangered species worldwide "in situ" but also "ex situ".


* We are also a reception center for animals seized by the authorities, Customs, ONCFS, DDCSPP of the prefectures.


* Finally we bring our help and our know-how to the administration when these are required.


* Desensitization actions to allow phobic people to reduce their fear, or even eliminate them whether on reptiles or arachnids.


* New 2018: new Varans (Varans of Panoptes, Varan Malay) new snakes (reticulated Pythons including "Hercules" about 6,50m, snakes of the French Wildlife, ...


but we will not reveal everything to you


A collection of reptiles, a smiling team, another vision of reptiles ..... The passion of a life, a duty of education and respect towards nature, animals.


Reptiland is wheelchair accessible (manual or electric)

Off July-August, Reptiland offers 1/2 days "Healer of a Day". Contact us by email: or 0565374100


See you soon....